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CBH Cooperative is your resource center for livestock production. We know that quality nutrition is key to a successful operation, and our team is dedicated to helping you raise the best livestock possible. We offer a variety of products and services to meet your needs including; feed, mineral, salt, and animal health products.

CBH CO-OP Earns Recognition for Feed Sales

Belle Fourche, SD – CHS Nutrition (CHS=CENEX Harvest States) is the lead feed supplier to CBH CO-OP and has awarded the 2017-2018 sales region (western North Dakota, western South Dakota, northeast Wyoming and eastern Montana) with highest honors. CBH CO-OP garnered the highest sales in a single location for Payback and Smart-Lic brands and the second highest sales tonnage between Belle Fourche and Union Center.

CBH CO-OP Earns Recognition for Feed Sales

Pictured (L-R) Allen Hockenbary and Jone Enright, CBH CO-OP Union Center, awarded the Payback Circle of Excellence for 873 tons sold. Jeff Dragseth, CBH CO-OP Chief Executive Officer, accepted the Payback Top Regional Tons (15,887 tons) for CBH CO-OP Ag Services, which is an increase from 12,911 tons the previous year. Vic Richards and Breeana Asay, (formerly, Farmer’s Co-op Gillette when awarded) received the Payback Peak Performer Award for 2, 195 tons sold. Austin Bishop and Matt Moore, CBH CO-OP Feed&Ag Service, Belle Fourche, received the Smart-Lic Tonnage King for 727 tons sold. Finally, George Leach and Armin Finkbeinner, CBH CO-OP Ag Services, Belle Fourche, received Payback’s Peak Performer Award for 15,014 tons sold.

“This is quite an accomplishment,” said Matt Moore, Operations Manager in Belle Fourche, and “next year when we have the newly merged Gillette operation counted to our sales as CBH CO-OP, we are aiming to be at the top.” He went on to say, “We have been Smart-Lic’s Tonnage King for the past eight out of nine years.”

CBH CO-OP members be proud of your cooperative’s success and relations with their customers. The quality products such as Payback and Smart-Lic brands carried by CBH CO-OP only adds value to your herd’s success. “Everybody wins,” Moore said. “When the cooperative does better then investment in assets can be made that our members need. With successes like this, CBH CO-OP can continue to grow our services.”

Awards such as this demonstrate the level of commitment all CBH CO-OP employees have to their member-customers. Behind all the sales force are dedicated drivers, warehouse and office staff. George Leach, Feed Consultant, Belle Fourche, summed it up by saying “it takes a team effort. A few of us may be photographed, but it takes the whole Feed & Ag Service team to achieve this kind of success.”

Our Feed Experts

George Leach
Nutrition Consultant
(605) 390-1978

Jodie Severson
(605) 723-3333 

Feed Lines

  • Payback Feeds
    • Bulk and bagged feed
    • Mineral
    • Equis line of horse feed
    • Champion feed line
    • Small animal feed
  • SmartLic
  • Hubbard Feeds
    • Bulk and bagged feed
    • ShowRite
    • Mineral
    • Small animal feed
  • Crystalyx
  • Purina
    • Accurations
    • Show chow
    • Pet foods
    • Horse feeds
  • Additional Products
    • Animal health products
    • Milk replacers
    • Hay and straw bales


  • Feed deliveries
  • Hay and water testing
  • Nutrition consultation

Livestock Handling Equipment

See us for the latest in HiQual livestock, equine, and hobby animal handling products. No matter your location, our equipment expert is Rick Michels, CBH Cooperative Location Manager for Cenex in Belle Fourche. We have a large amount of equipment in stock, and we can also custom order from two major manufacturers.

Rick Michels
Location Manager
2311 5th Ave
Phone: (605) 892-2661

HiQual Products

HiQual is an industry leader in livestock equipment and fabric covered buildings. Our cattle and equine products are recognized as the strongest, most innovative in the industry

Gallagher Electric Fencing

As an innovative, high-quality, and world distributing fencing solution, CBH Cooperative proudly sells and services Gallagher Electric Fencing. Ask our staff how we can help make your ranch life easier.


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